Yoga For Seniors

While it is important for everyone to practice yoga, most feel they cannot because of age restrictions. But, being a senior citizen doesn’t matter when it comes to this ancient art. Poses can be modified to fit your personal needs in any situation. Blankets an blocks can be your best friend when it comes to modifications. Most yoga poses can be done in a chair if mobility is limited.

While yoga is excellent for the mind and spirit, it is also great for the body. Yoga will help strengthen the back, stretches hips, improve digestion, therapeutic for osteoporosis and high blood pressure. For seniors who are inactive, yoga would be very good for them in that they could increase blood flow to different parts of their body.

Here is a sequence of poses one could do at home, modified or not.

Lets begin in Mountain Pose. Stand up straight and tall, chest outwards and shoulders back. This is an easy pose to begin with as it improves posture and helps get us inline to do our other poses. 

From there, lets move onto Standing Forward Bend. Bend forward and press palms for fingertips into the blocks on the floor. With each inhale, bend up and arch the torso, if able. Bending the knees is perfectly fine with this pose. Standing Forward Bend will promote blood flow into the shoulders, releasing tension. This will also help promote circulation in the upper body. 

Now, lets get on our hands and knees and go into Cat Cow Pose. With each inhale lift your sitting bones and chest towards the ceiling. On the exhale, round the spine towards the ceiling as a counter pose. Cat Cow is great for anyone who has low back pain. 

Let’s move into Child’s Pose now to give ourselves a little break. Touch your big toes together and sit on your heels. If bending over to lay down is too difficult, you can rest a rolled up blanket between your legs and have that support you. 

After Child’s Pose, let’s go into Downward Facing Dog. This is one of the best yoga poses you can do. It helps prevent osteoporosis, improves digestion, therapeutic for high blood pressure, and helps fight depression. Spread apart your palms and turn your toes under. Lift your tailbone away from the pelvis towards the ceiling. Keep your arms extended and firm your shoulder blades against the back. 

Come back down in Child’s Pose to release yourself after Down Dog. Coming out of Child’s Pose, come into a cross-legged position in the middle of the mat. Gently, very gently, bring your right hand behind you and gently twist the spine. Bring your left hand to your right knee for support. This Gentle Twist helps aide digestion and promote flexibility in the spine. After a few breaths, come out and switch to the other side. 

We’re going to end this sequence with Easy Pose. Keep sitting in a cross legged position on the mat. Sitting up straight and tall, with hands on the knees. Easy pose will help strengthen the back and promote gently stretches the knees and ankles. Use your time in Easy Pose to think about how the practice went for you, and how you feel now after you’ve done it.

Mountain Pose 

Standing Forward Bend

Cat Pose

Cow Pose

Downward Facing Dog

Child's Pose

Gentle Twist

Gentle Twist (opposite side)

Easy Pose


It's important to not over strain your body. Honor your body. If it doesn't feel right, feel free to modify it!

Also, breathe. Breathing will make the muscles relax and make it easier to move. 

Drink plenty of water. It's good in general to stay hydrated. =]


Pear Custard Pie and friends

Yesterday, I baked a pie and shared it with some friends. I didn't go home this year, 'cause I'm trying to save for Rome. But it reminded me that there are loads of people who don't ever go home for Thanksgiving. We gathered together and feasted and had a great time. 

I threw this pie together in no time. It was a lot easier than any other pie I've made before because it didn't need a crust. The custard, which is the best part, bakes into a lovely filling and is hearty enough to be mistaken for a crust. 

Make this for someone you love. Or maybe even someone you just sorta like. It's easy and amazing. =]

Pear Custard Pie (Recipe from Shutterbean)

  • 1/4 cup unsalted butter, melted plus more for the pie dish
  • 3 ripe but firm Comice or Bartlett pears, peeled, halved and cored
  • 1/3 cup  sugar
  • 1/3 cup flour
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract (I tossed in a small bit of almond extract in it, too)
  • 3 large eggs
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • confectioner’s sugar, for dusting
Preheat oven to 350F; butter a 9 inch pie dish. Slice the pears 1/4 inch thick lengthwise. Arrange the slices, overlapping slices, in the dish. (The bottom layer dosen't have to be pretty, but the top one should at least try to be)

In a blender, process the melted butter, sugar, flour, vanilla extract, eggs, milk and salt until smooth.

Pour the batter over the pears; bake until golden and firm to the touch, 40 to 45 minutes. Serve warm or at room temperature, dusting with confectioner’s sugar. Enjoy with friends or family. 


Obsessions Regarding This Moment Right Now

My mind is so full of everything right now. I'm obsessed with lots of things right now, so lets see what those are.

1. ROME!

I'm going to Rome in January!! I've never been abroad, so I'm very much excited about this. I've been reading guide books and attempting to learn (VERY) basic Italian. I really just want to be able to ask for a cup of coffee (Posso avere un espresso?). Even though it's only two weeks, I'm very eager to go. Andiamo!! 

2. Pie (Or Something Else To Bring To Thanksgiving)

This is going to be the first Thanksgiving that I haven't spent with my family. Although I am bummed about it, it gives me an excuse to bake a pie. I'm thinking a Pear Custard Pie or an apple pie. Choices choices. 

3. The Smell of Fall

The beautiful colors. The crisp air. The sound of the leaves crunching under your feet. It's so magical. I love it! But when the leaves are wet, like they have been here for a while, they just kinda cling to my shoes. It's annoying cause then they end up in my house.  Oh well.

4. Law & Order: SVU

One awful thing about Netflix is how they have multiple seasons of a great show. So, for the past few weeks, all I've been watching is SVU. Olivia Benson? Yeah, she's a badass. Stabler? Hard headed, yet lovable. I'm starting to get down to the end of the seasons, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do once I'm done. 

5. Paradis

It's French electronic band. But it's not like a normal electronic band, its way better. Words can't describe it. Just listen and fall in love. 


Fall Bucket List

If you know me in real life, you know I LOVE Joy the Baker and Shutterbean. These ladies inspire me everyday and I wish we were friends in real life. I did meet Joy in March, so I guess that kinda counts. But anyways, they have this podcast and mentioned a Fall Bucket List. And I thought. Yes. Yes, this is something I need to do. So here we go. List for improvements in my life for the Fall time!

1. Make Pumpkin Something -- Muffins, pancakes, pie. I don't know. I just want pumpkin everything!

2. Work on Fall Fashion -- Really into skinny jeans + sweater + combat boots + scarf right now, but I'd like to expand on it a little more.

3. Carve a Pumpkin -- Again. Pumpkin everything! And its an excuse to roast some seeds. Yummmm

4. Drink My Weight in Cider -- Fall is full of wonderful foods (and drinks). It's only Fall if you drink and eat tons of wonderful food.

5. Keep Biking (Even When It's Cold) -- I didn't bike hardly at all last Fall, and it's so amazing riding over crunching leaves. I really should do this more often.

6. Start A Podcast -- I've been wanting to do this for ages, so I think it's time I start one.

What are your Fall Bucket List items??


3. Get A Passport -- 21 Before 21

So today, I stood in line for an hour at the post office so I could apply for my passport. Have you ever been to a post office in the middle of a city at noon? Yeah. Don't do it. It's not fun. It's crowded and no one will help you for the first 20 minutes that you're there. But. In the end. It was worth it. In 4-6 weeks, I will have a passport. What am I going to do with said passport? Lots of things. More to come on that later. 


Getting Out Of A Funk

So. If anyone has noticed. I've been in a funk. Blech. It sucks. I feel unmotivated and stuck. BUT! I'm working on it. For reals this time.

One thing I did? Visited LUSH and totally treated myself. Got a solid shampoo bar for my new short hair (which I love!) and a face mask. Also got some samples of other things that make my skin very very happy. I spent about an hour in there with these really lovely ladies and they helped me pick out everything that was perfect for me. Its amazing what a few new beauty items can do for ones routine.

Cooking something new each week is something else to try. This week, I made borscht. Oh man. If you have never tried it, please. Stop reading this right now and go do it. It will change your thoughts on beets forever. They are heavenly. I need to make this Chocolate Beet Cake from Joy the Baker now.  

Getting a new sweater (now that it's FINALLY starting to feel like fall) is on my to-do list. Even though it's a bad habit, retail therapy can help with a funk. So can cleaning out old clothes. Mocking me in the corner of my room is a HUGE bag of clothes that I need to sell/donate. Once that's gone and I have more room for things, life will seem a little more balanced. If you hear of any sales or anything for fall stuff, let me know. Cool? Cool.

So, yeah. That's how I do it. How do you guys get yourselves out of a funk?



19. Shave My Head

I did it. I shaved my head. Its wonderful. I love it. :-) Life is good.

I was really nervous doing it, but I'm so glad I did. I feel feminine and lovely. I encourage everyone to do it!