Don't be so scared

I went to the
Because my writer's block
was getting worse.
He ran
blood tests and
did X-Rays on my hands
but they all came out
Sitting on the
We went though
different operations
that we could do
One, he said, involved a
total draining of my blood
and giving me a different blood type
in hopes that it
would spark some creativity.
Another was giving me the hands
of another famous author
Who would help pick out the right
words on the keyboard
But none appealed to me.
I went home
with a loss of hope and
$500 that I would never
get back.
Maybe this writers block
means something
Like...How I need to
get a life and get out of that
little tiny corner
of Starbucks


Is it getting hot in here or is it just 3OH!3

Today, I was informed that I was nominated to be in a writing competition. I'm real excited for that. If I win this or place or whatever happens in this competition, then it'll look great on my college application. Right now, Columbia College is where my heart lies. I really want to get into their Fiction Writing program (it's one of the best in the country). I love writing and I try to write a little bit everyday. Whether it be on this blog or in my novella that I'm working on, I need to write something everyday. If I win this, just even in my school, this could take me places. I'll be praying about this a lot, cause if this is God's plan for me to be a writer, then it will happen. =]


Bop N Beep

Sometimes, I with life was like a Disney movie. You'd dance with one guy, fall in love and get married the next day. There's no second guessing, no having to choose between two guys. Everything just works out. None of those princesses realise how lucky they are to have a great husband who would risk his life for yours. They just assume that this is what happens everyday to everybody else in the world.

And that is my rant for the day.


Yes We Did

Thinking about changing the layout. What do you guys think?


57 and rising

If I had to rate today, I'd give it an 8.5 only because I went on a walk in the beautiful weather and I had my actor's studio class. I'm really enjoying it.
I can't wait for spring break. It's going to be the best thing ever.

I'm thinking about doing a live blog tomorrow around maybe 8 or saturday around that same time. I wanna do live blogs with my friends cause I'm scared that no one will come and watch it. Oh well. C'est la vie.


Prep Class

I wish I didn't have to take the ACT.
I wish I was out of the house now.
I wish I had my tattoo.
I wish my mom would quit drinking.
I wish my parents would stop fighting.
I wish Blake hadn't cheated on me.
I wish that life will get better.
I wish I had a better relationship with God.
I wish my room was clean.
Did I mention how much I want to be out of my house?
I wish that all nights at work were like tonight.
I wish I could go swing dancing with Steven.
I wish my mom could see how her put downs really affect me.
I wish I was in Colorado.
I wish it was summer.
I wish that I had a replacement for the 31.
I wish Steven texts me about Friday.
I wish it was easier for me to fall asleep.


One More Night

I don't regret what I did. It had to be done. I wasn't happy and I felt bad leading him on. Praying helps, which is good. I'm glad to be single now, I guess. We're better off this way. God will send him the perfect woman for him, and it's not me. Likewise, he'll send the perfect man to me. But for now, I'll focus on school and work and stay away from boys.



I'm really trying to work on my relationship with Blake right now. We're seeing a movie on Saturday after I get off work. It should be fun, right? I hope so...