I completely love the weight of words. There is just something about holding words in your hand as you read them that makes me melt every single time. Now a days, everyone has a Kindle or an iPad that fits snuggly in their bag or briefcase, barely containing any weight. Where are all the other English nerds who carry 2-3 books in their bag at a time??

I refuse to get a Kindle. I would miss the feel of my books as they tumble out of my bag and onto my lap. The words of Thoreau and Austen read better when read from a real book. I can highlight and mark it up as much as I please without having to worry about scratching the screen. They mean more to me when there is weight to them.

My bookshelf groans under the weight of my three copies of Pride & Prejudice and assortment of others (both silly and serious). Were my collection to every diminish or I would have to part with it, I'm pretty sure part of me would go along with it and I would be fretting about where my beloved characters had gone to.

No, I will not get a Kindle. I will keep my books, and keep expanding my shelves. If my bag gets too heavy, I'll just buy a bigger one than rid myself of the books. They are a part of me and have shaped me into who I am. Why ruin that experience with a flimsy circuit board?



Knit Booties

Yesterday, my very best friend's mom sent me a package! I love getting mail. But then again, what college student doesn't? Inside the package was some goodies like Cheez-Its (a favorite of mine) and a pair of knit booties! Steph's mom is a master crochet artist and crafted these just for me. They are so cozy and warm on my feet! Perfect for nighttime when the air is cool and the windows are open and even stepping on the carpet sends chills down my spine.

Can I just say, on a side note, how much finals suck? Not only has it put a huge stress factor in my life, but it has also messed with my sleep pattern. I wake up so late now that I don't feel like running and if I do go running at night its not for very long. Once I move out, I'll go running (or at least ride my bike) every day. I really do enjoy physical activity now, so I hate that I can't do it with finals going on.

Wish me luck? I have 2 tests coming up and I have to finish a paper and a project.


April 25, 2011

Recently, I've gotten into the habit of making a playlist every day. It's sort of like a music journal because it can tell me through song how it is I'm really feeling, and I can listen to it over and over. It's nice to be able to look back and see "Wow, I was really heavy on the Daphne Loves Derby that day" or "Must've been in a good mood with all the Beatles and All Time Low".

So today, I decided to share this with you all. Try and decide how I'm feeling? =]

1. Mysterious Power - Ezra Furman & The Harpoons
2. Love Like a Sunset (Part 2) - Phoenix
3. Shadows and Regrets - Yellowcard
4. Pachuca Sunrise - Minus the Bear
5. Fallen From The Sky - The Swell Season (Once Soundtrack
6. The Only Exception - Paramore
7. Swim Club - The Cave Singers
8. Wild Rosemarie - Ezra Furman & the Harpoons
9. Drilling - Minus the Bear
10. The Rain - The Swell Season
11. What Happens When The Heart Just Stops (Live) - The Frames
12. Surprise, Surprise - Brett Dennen
13. Fall in Love With My World - Ezra Furman & the Harpoons
14. I Want To Know Your Plans - Say Anything
15. Leap - The Cave Singers
16. Two Tongues - The Swell Season
17. Love Like a Sunset (Part 1) - Phoenix
18. After Hours - We Are Scientists
19. All I Wanted - Paramore



Sorry for being a little MIA these past few weeks. I only have about 2ish more weeks left of my first year of college. That pretty much translates to me being extremely busy and swamped with work.

I have a paper, a project, and a group project left to do. Those are just my big things. There's also a couple personal essays that I need to revise, a test in math, Russian History, and Biology of AIDS.

Wish me luck?

Thanks. =]

My "Oh-Snap-I-Have-A-Lot-To-Do" Face

Caffeine is my best friend right now. 

A snip-it of my AIDS project. 22.5 million people have HIV/AIDS in Africa. That's 5% of the population! 


Glasses and Pigtails

I'm sitting at my favorite coffee place right now after getting a lot of work done for my classes. After working on my Russian paper, Cultural Studies paper, research for another Cultural Studies project and doing research for my Biology of AIDS project, I think a little blog brake is in order. It has to be quick though because I gotta go pick up the kids I watch from school.

Lets just say that I cannot wait for this semester to be over. Not only will I be free, but I'll be stress free! I'm in such a horrid mood and feel so yucky that I can't even go running. I hate it because I was actually starting to like waking up early and going running.

I filled out an application for a passport yesterday and will be using my tax return to get one. The plan is to go to Canada by the end of the year, so that should be lots of fun. France and other European nations will have to wait until I get a little more change in my pocket.

I meant to bake brownies this week, but I didn't.

I meant to watch Pride & Prejudice this week, but I didn't.

I meant to do my homework, and I did.

So long activities that I love, you and I shall be joined in about...3 more weeks? Yeah, that sounds right.



Surprise, Surprise

As this school year comes to a close, I've come to realize how unexpected everything has been this year. After a pretty easy (for me) first semester, this current spring semester has completely overwhelmed me. That, added with everything going on in my personal life, I have developed a cold sore on my lip (sad face). But, despite all that, I try and stay positive.

Positive Thing #1:
I will be able to push out papers at a much quicker rate.

Positive Thing #2:
I have learned something called "Time Management".

Positive Thing #3:
I have exactly one month left of school, which means I can move to my cousins place and learn about a different part of Chicago.

Positive Thing #4:
Summer is just around the corner. =]


Sew It Begins

While I was home for spring break a few weeks ago, my lovely friend Kat, taught me how to sew. I made a cute little orange pillow for my pretend couch that will sit in my pretend living room in my pretend apartment. What I discovered while sewing was that I was relaxed, despite all the mini freak outs that Kat and my other friend, Rachel, had to endure I really did enjoy sewing.

Upon my arrival back to Chicago, I was determined to find a fabric store so I could sew other things. I found this cute little one in Bucktown, which is just north of Wicker Park on the north side of Chicago. I got some fabric, needles, and an embroidery hoop so I could start that as well.

For my first project, I decided to make an apron. Being an avid baker, I thought this would come in very handy. I only did a half apron because I didn't use a pattern and didn't want to attempt something like that without the guidance of a pattern. 

Anyways, after 4 days, this is what I got. 
I was baking a cake for my roommates. But yes, that is my apron. Next time, I'll be sure to take pictures and try and make a pattern for you all!

Avoir! =]



This past weekend was pretty heavy for me. I'm not gonna go into too much detail.

But now, I'm sitting in the room that I share with my roommate, about to go insane because it's been almost 10 months that this space has been both of ours, and I'm ready to have my own space again. I just want to be able to come home after a long day and lay on my bed in silence and not have to worry about waking up my roommate or bothering her (which she has no problem doing btw). If I could move out tomorrow or even tonight I would. But I can last another month, right?