And our hearts are on the everglow

Just talking to James this past week has confirmed my thoughts about our future. I feel so happy now that nothing can ever bring me down...oh...besides James being gone this weekend. I'm so mad that I can't see him but at least I'll see him tomorrow... =]

I really need to get this paper about Richard Wright written but I might just do it later this week and turn it on on Wed or Fri or something. I just need to get it done. I think if I just go to Starbucks and write it I'll be fine cause I won't get distracted or anything there.

I'm gonna go read The Great Gatsby now. It's...ok...for a book. I think I need to read it outside of school in order to like it more cause right now I just have to analyize it but oh well...


Master Peanut

So, I'm trying this new thing where I only wash my hair everyother day. I'm hoping that it'll make my hair healthier if I don't strip all those natural oils out of it.


Sorry...I just sneezed...

Man, I can't wait for taco night...It's going to be so tasty

Oh, and I have a cold sore, which sucks and I hope that it goes away soon cause I hate them so so much.

Thats all for now. I'll update more later.



So, this past weekend, has been one of the best I can ever remember. Not only did I get a new phone, but I also got to hang out with James, not once, not twice but three times!

So my birthday date was super fun. I think I spent a little too much time on my phone but that's ok, right? lol But it was fun just being with him. I adore him so much. =] I love Dewey's Pizza. They are fantastic and their crust is really really good. I could just sit there forever eating that crust.

OH, idk why I'm thinking about it, but I got the entertainment editor position!!!


Swing dancing was a lot of fun, besides the part where my eye came into contact with Nick's elbow. I saw stars and couldn't see out of my left eye for about a minute. It still kinda hurts, but I'll be fine. If it still hurts tomorrow, I might ask my parents if I can go to the ER to make sure that I'm alright. But besides that, it was really fun. I love swing dancing so much and the guy I marry has to like it too cause I wanna be one of those old couples that goes to Casa Loma and dances =]

Ok, well, I'm off to bed. Sorry about the lack of posts, I've been really busy lately.



I was going to say something, but I forgot. JK JK

I'll do a real one later. I just haven't had time.



Made From Corn

Today, we went to Estes Park and saw some really neat but not as charming as Fort Collins

OH! So I just heard Starstruck by 3OH!3 on a commercial and now I’m kinda mad cause now everyone is gonna know it.

But anyway, so we visited the place where Steven King got the idea for  The Shining. The Stanley Hotel was really neat and I think it would be really cool to stay there sometime, maybe that’ll help get me some ideas for stories, but not horror stories. 004 Stitch

I’ve been using this new thing on my laptop that can make panoramic photos and I’ve been going a little crazy with it. lol

Anyway, after our little visit to the Stanley, we went into Rocky Mountain National Park and walked around a little bit. OMG! It was so beautiful and I loved every moment of it. I love spending time with my family and being in the mountains so that was amazing.  We even got to see not one, not two, but three big horned rams! I took some pictures of them but my mom was the one that got the really good ones.

020 Stitch

That’s the mountains from the edge of this lake that was frozen over. There were some people ice fishing or doing something with the ice. But the ice was starting to crack and it was freaking me out.

024 Stitch

I love the mountains!!!!!!!!



Ok, so right now I'm sitting in this little coffee shop next to my hotel and drinking some of the best coffee that I've ever had. That's right, Starbucks, someone is better than you. But anyway, I've been here for less than one day, and I already want to live here for the rest of my life. I'm in love with everything here. I visited Colorado State today and had a great time. That's going to be one of those school's that I HAVE to get into. I think I would have so much fun out here and it's a great place to learn as well.

Oh, by the way, this is what I saw this afternoon.

Yeah, be jealous. That's what I get to look at for this whole week that I'm here.

Anyway, CSU was really neat. I cannot wait to apply and see if they'll take me. Like, no joke, I really want to go there. But my heart is set on Columbia College Chicago. I'll just wait and see what God has to say about my plans for myself and see if they match His.

Everybody here is just so friendly and nice and I'm really gonna miss this enviroment when I go back home. But I miss James so much. Like, the whole time we were up in the parks, I kept thinking about him and how much he would like it out here cause there is so much to take pictures of. I can't wait to see him again =]

Oh, so I may or may not come home with a tattoo, I'll keep everyone posted on that. Partly because my brother is all like, oh we should all go get tattoos cause we're all here but Todd. And I'm like, YES! and my parents are like, maybe. So we'll see how that goes. lol

Well, anyway, I need to get writing, hope everyone is having a good week!

Psalm 121

Slow Down

I'm sitting here in my hotel room now cause my college tour with Colorado State isn't for a little while. Breakfast was really yummy and that pancake was HUGE! Mugs is a pretty cool little coffee shop. Maybe I'll go hang out there tonight if everyone else goes to a bar.

It says that it's 36 outside but it feels way warmer. I love it! It's supposed to get nicer later this week and be in the 60s on my birthday!!

I miss James like no other though. I still haven't found what I'm going to bring him back, but I'm sure I'll find something soon. I do have a week to find it though.

Oh! And my brother liked his bible. =]


Wow, that is loud

Ok, so now I’m on the plane and I think I’m over Kansas now. We’re over the clouds now so it’s kinda hard to tell. I really wish that airplanes had more room cause typing is really hard. Maybe I shouldn’t have chosen that window seat. Oh well.

3OH!3 playing now, which is kinda awesome.

I just got my Dr. Pepper so I might just listen to music now and save my laptop battery.

So long!

Why I Hate Airports

Ok, why is it now socially acceptable to take up 3 chairs when you’re at the airport? It’s so bizarre how society works now. Not only am I in the wrong gate, but I can’t even get on the internet. I wrote this on my Word document and now I’m just waiting for my flight to be called. It’s not for another hour and a half so I thought I’d rant for a little bit.

Looking around this gate, I see like, at least seven people on their cell phones. I thought people traveled to go and meet people, not talk at them on their cell phones. But right after I said that I got a text from James so who am I to talk? It’s almost disappointing knowing how important technology is to people now a days. For instance, my dad is talking very loudly on his cell phone, the two women in front of me are on their cell phones and the old man walking behind me has his cell phone. It’s crazy!!

My bike chain bracelet set off the alarm at security, which was kinda interesting. The guy was like; I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. So that was funny.IMG000155

^That’s the bracelet^

I might try and go sit by my gate soon just to see if I can. It just annoys me that there are these little kids who are sitting on the ground when the middle class business man has to have a seat for each of his cheap bags. Who knows what’s been on those floors! These are the people who will be leading our country in 30 years and we’re putting them on the floor. I guess that’s just what goes on now. But that just makes no sense to me. I thought people were supposed to be so kind and caring now, or maybe that’s just what I would like for the world to be like.

My mom just came up and I told her what I was writing about and she goes, “What’s not to like?” But I think there’s another flight that’s going to board from our gate soon which is good cause then I get to go sit down and not have my laptop be so far from me and the creepers that they let in the airport won’t be able to look over my shoulder.

The one good thing about this whole thing is that I got a rice krispy treat. =] And for it being airport food, it was pretty good. Now I only have an hour left, maybe I should try and do some homework, but that would mean that I was being productive. Oh, I guess I was wrong. It’s only like, 20 minutes until we board. But since I can’t get WiFi, it will seem like longer cause I won’t be able to post this for a real long time. Oh well. I’ll just post it at the hotel. Ok, well, we’re getting ready to board so I’ll post this when I get my hands on some WiFi!


‘I stopped my whole show just so you could take a picture’

On Sunday, I went to Fubar and witnessed one of the best concerts I have ever seen. It was an acoustic show and quite fantastic if I do say so myself.  Not only were the bands amazing, but I was so close to the stage that I almost got hit in the face several times.  I had the most fantastic time and I have like, all of the songs that were played stuck in my head for ever now. 077

This is Evan Taubenfeld. He was way way better than I ever expected. Like, all of his songs were just so great and you could really tell that Evan was having a blast on stage. Since it was his first solo tour, one would think he would be nervous but he was the total opposite. He was really nice too and I promised him that when he comes back to St. Louis, I would have a hemp bracelet ready for him. I can’t wait for him to come back! =]

^ This is for his single, Cheater of the Year, which you can buy on iTunes.


Ok, now onto The Academy Is…! William was so amazing like, no joke. I am in love with him and I’m so happy that I got the chance to see him live. He even said my name and dedicated a song to one of my friends! William blew me away with how real he really was with the crowd and with his songs. His interaction with the audience was amazing and I love the fact that I was so close to him during the show. If you haven’t heard anything by The Academy Is… then I suggest that you go out and buy their CD cause they are amazing.  I don’t think I’m ever going to forget this night ever.  106


The Academy Is...

Ok, so I may or may not be interviewing the members of The Academy Is… on Sunday. I would feel really bad if I missed youth group, but this is a once in a lifetime chance for me to do this and I would die if I missed something like this.

Another thing that’s been on my mind a lot is my hours at Starbucks. I just talked to my manager about it cause I was only getting 5 hours and this next week I don’t even think I’m working next week. I asked him about it and he was nice about it. I would just feel really bad if I got into my school’s One Acts and had to cut back on hours right after I talked to him about it. Maybe he’ll understand and let me not work as much during the production but afterwards working more. I really would like to work more over the summer cause I am saving up for college and all that fun stuff. In this day and age it’s really hard to even find loose change on the ground, so I need all the help I can get for college.



Ok, so I had the most fantastic weekend, aside from a few things.

James…He…He just amazes me. I love being around him and everything just feels right when I’m with him. When he goes away for college, I’ll feel horrible and scared and freaking out like, the whole first week. But then I’ll just know that everything is going to be alright cause God is on our side for this one (which is totally awesome!!).