Less is More

Uggggg I hate being sick. First of all, I look gross and puffy. I pretty much just wear sweatpants all day and look a mess. 2nd! I can't go out and do anything cause again...I'M SICK!!! But at the same time, it's kinda nice cause my parents don't want me to do a whole bunch.

Death has been on my mind a lot lately. With the loss of so many famous people like Farrah Fawcett, Micheal Jackson and Billy Mays, the American public has been able to see death more closely. I think many people chose to ingore death because of the simple fact that is depresses us. But with the sudden death of these important people, many of us are having to face the fact that death is all around us and that people die everyday.


I'm on the UP and UP

And AFTER!!!

Isn't nice to know?

getting senior pictures taken today. this is me before and i'll take a pic afterwards before i leave. don't i look awesome? jk




Look at me! I’m a bear!


Oh look, a blog update

Ok, so I leave for Colorado tomorrow around 5:30 AM. I’m so ready to be gone! I just wanna get out of here and stay with my brother for the rest of summer but I know that’s never ever gonna happen. Oh well. 

I really just want to sleep until it’s time to go, but then i’ll never sleep on that 20 hour bus ride, which is gonna be totally awesome btw. I have all this food that I got and cute Josh at Walgreens didn’t think I was a fatty for buying a bag of Cheetos, 2 cans of Pringles and a bag of Twizzlers. Go Walgreens staff! lol

I’m fer sure gonna go lay down though. I won’t be able to update anything for about a week, unless I can get cell phone service on top of a mountain, then I don’t think anything is gonna be updated while i’m gone. I will post pictures once this adventure is done. =]IMG000175


...In Shallow Seas We Sail

I'm listening to Emery's new album right now while packing for summer camp. I can't wait! I only wish I had a longer time to get ready for it. I've worked over 30 hours this week, so that's big money for me, but the fact that I've been having to wake up at like, 6 is kinda getting me down. On Saturday, I won't even have that luxery cause I have to wake up at 4 to be at work by 5. It's gonna suck. I have to do that two days in a row cause I get to leave at 5 for camp on Sunday.

I'm kinda glad that James isn't here this week. I would've had no time for him at all, which tottaly hurts, but at least I'll get to see him when I get back. I miss him so much. He is everything I could ever want in a boyfriend and I feel so lucky to have him. =]

My Glade candle is burning in the corner of my room and this album is sooo amazing. Go pick it up as soon as you're done reading this entry. =]

But all I have to say is...COLORADO HERE I COME!!!!!


Swing Dancing

Ok, so…I love swing dancing. Sure it is a man’s dance because they control pretty much everything in the dance, but it is still fun. I love getting dressed up and dancing. I think I have more fun than I really should. lol

But this past Saturday when I went, I got dehydrated pretty bad. Like, so bad when we went to go get ice cream, I couldn’t eat anything. And for everyone that knows me, I LOVE TO EAT!!! =]

But I drank some water, slowly, and I started to feel a bit better. I’ve been drinking a lot more water lately too because of my Colorado trip that’s coming up soon. I’ll take tons of pictures and put some on here if they turn out.

Anyway, I’ll catch you guys laters =]



Super bored right now. James had to go home wayyy too early tonight. Oh well. I do have to work in the morning, but not until 11:45.

Got surgery on my toe...again...

Gonna help teach a knitting class tomorrow so I hope all the dye is gone from my hands. lol

Sorry this blog is so...random? It's the pain meds.