Two Weeks Later...

So...I took a little two week break with my workouts. Last week I was in St. Louis and the week before I just wasn't feeling it. But today I hopped on the bike this morning and could barely do a half hour. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to do more, but I might not even work out tomorrow. I have a job interview at my favorite coffee shop tomorrow and I really hope it goes well. That's all I can really think of right now (sad I know), but I'll try and be better about updating and whatnot. Take care!


A Thousand Miles

Sorry this isn't like, a legit blog post, but I still wanted to share it with you all. Look for a real blog post in the next few days! =]



It's kinda weird to think that tomorrow I'll be 19. Well, not really. To everyone else in the world it's just another day. For me however, it's the first day of the last year I'll be a teenager. At this moment 19 years ago, my brothers got a sister and my parents got a daughter. There are so many people who have done much more than I have at this tender young age. I actually hoped to have done more by this time. I still have yet to have a real adventure where I don't know what will happen next. I haven't even really traveled; there are so many places that I need to see.

But I love this city that I live in. Maybe I'll have an adventure here or in Seattle or Texas or Paris. Whenever I tell people the plans that I have...well...planned, I always say "It depends on a lot of things", because it really does. A passport would help a lot, but seeing as it's so expensive it might have to be put on hold.

I'm hoping that my last year as a teenager, I'll be able to figure out some stuff. Like what hair color do I want to stick with. I'd also like to figure out my finances and be able to manage them better so I'm not in too much debt when I graduate. I also want to have an adventure. A real one.

Well, I'm off to celebrate my birthday with an Iced Venti Soy Chai with a shot of espresso and some Community.


Dish Hands

I have Dish Hands right now. Gross, wrinkly, dry dish hands. It is the result of doing a sink full of dishes for 20 whole minutes. Was it hard? Not really. Did it hurt? Only when the water got too hot. Did it take a lot of time? Well, only 20 minutes, but it flew by pretty quickly.

The point I'm trying to make here is that doing dishes is not hard. Having respect for others property is not hard. It just amazes me how people who want to be seen as adults can't even clean up after themselves and still expect their mother to come in and do everything for them.

Sorry for being so independent and being able to do things without my hand being held.


Roll Away Your Stone

So, this whole day I've been feeling kinda blah. I've had to pee like a mad woman and poor Ryne has had to deal with it. Finally, after some helpful advice from Kat (who said I had a UTI), Ryne went off to Target to get me some apple juice and cranberry pills. Now, after just less than an hour of taking them I feel a thousand times better. We're listening to Mumford & Sons while he folds his clothes and I look at blogs and drink my juice. He really is the best. =]

And here's a helpful hint to all you ladies who may have a UTI! Go buy cranberry pills and take them for 7-10 days, even if you're starting to feel better after just a couple. It's worth it. I promise. 


Fantasy Land

Things I want. God, how I need a 2nd job. I can't wait till I have my own place to fill with things like this. 

A cute little bedroom.
(Urban Outfitters for the tapestry)
Pretty little chair from Ikea. 

Beautiful curtains.
(Urban Outfitters)

Lights to go over my bed.

Cute little love seat.


The Cave

This weekend, I learned a lot about myself.

I realized how painfully shy I actually am.

I realized that pancakes taste better after midnight.

I (already knew but was re-affirmed) that I have an amazing boyfriend.

I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I am attractive.

So that doesn't seem like a lot when I list it all out, but for a weekend it's not that bad.