Sadie Lady

How cute is this??


This is why I eat Facon

I think that the Swine Flu is just a cover up by the government to help the economy. I mean, how many people have you seen with those HUGE bottle of hand sanitizer or carrying around those little wipes? I know that within the past like, 3 weeks, I've seen way more of those than I should. But alas, I've started to become this way too. Not only did I wipe down my keyboard before finishing my page today for Newspaper, but I also took 3 pumps of hand sanitizer during the class. But for the record, I can't get sick. Starbucks can't afford to be missing any more people lately and I need the money to go to Colorado to visit my brother. I've never had a flu shot or had the flu, but watch me get it this year even after I'm being all careful.


Pour Emily

This post is for Emily, who lights up my day and is just a great friend =]

INVISIBLE CHILDREN IS COMING TO OUR SCHOOL!!! I'm super pumped about this! There is still a lot of promo stuff that we have to do and t-shirts are gonna need to be ordered soon. I can't wait though!! =]