Come Away With Me

I'm pretty sure that today was the worst day of work ever! Ok, not only did I have to ride in a police car (I'll explain in just a minute) but I got out 10 minutes late because the shift on duty was taking a 20 minute break.

AND that same shift on duty also left the place a mess last night when she closed and her cousin was in the store after hours, which is a big no no. But Brooke and Jo-Jo spent like, an hour cleaning up after her. Sam just needs to get her shit together if she wants to keep her job.

But so then later on in the day, this guy comes in and is acting really weird. He was all shaky and jittery and was just not right. But so he paid for his drink, in quarters, and then asked for a straw. He walked over to the condament bar and then left. And when he got to his car, he booked it out of there. Turns out, he stole about $10 worth of tips from us and another customer's iPhone. She filed a police report and I ended up having to go with the police to see if this guy they did catch was the guy that was in the store. It wasn't, but riding in the back of that cruiser sure was neat.

As soon as I got back to the store, I tried to get as much stuff done as I could cause Sam was not in a good mood and I just wanted to get out of there. I ended up leaving 10 minutes late because she decieded to take a 25 minute break.

In a way, I'm kinda glad I have to go back to school tomorrow because then I don't have to deal with work as much, which is really nice and I can just focus on school.

And a hint to anyone who is stressing, Norah Jones is a great way to relax. I love her so much!!


Hot Mess

This is my review of Cobra Starship's new album, Hot Mess, which came out today. I wrote this while listening to the album, so if it sounds ADD, that's why. I didn't go back and add anything once the song was over and done with. This was the first time I listened to the album (But I did have the Good Girls Go Bad single before the album was released). Enjoy!! =]

1. Nice Guys Finish Last
It's different than what I'm used to, but I like that they're taking chances with their music. Lost of sympathizers, which is expected of them. Definitely something that you could dance at a party to. The music is making me listen to the lyrics less, which is kind of a set back, because I love their lyrics. Good use of guest vocals. Kind of a mix of rockabilly and modern music.

2. Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We're Famous
HUGE '80s vibe. I wanna do aerobics to this song. Again, a good song for a party. Nice use of drums and synthesizers. I like the lyrics cause I can actually hear them this time. It reminds me of 'Just Dance' cause it's describing a night out. I like the change in tone in the middle of the song. Then how it picks up again. That's brilliant. I'm bobbing my head to this music, something I never do!

3. Good Girls Go Bad
I love this song! I could listen to it over and over in the car and not get sick of it. This was perfect for the single. I like it cause of the beat and I can hear the lyrics too. Meester was a good choice for the feature. Again, something I could dance to at a party or Homecoming. The only drawback I have, is when I sing it, I get the lyrics messed up big time. But that just makes me admire the artist even more cause they're the ones who have to sing it all the time. This song makes me feel sexy in a weird sort of way.

4. Fold Your Hands Child
A slow song, something I don't really like from Cobra. There's so much going on in this song. If they wanna do a better slow song, they should have less going on, like with what 3OH!3 did. I like that I can hear the lyrics, even if I can't follow what they're saying. It's different, and I like that. Different from the other slow songs that made up most of !Viva La Cobra! It's like, an upbeat slow song. Gabe did a really good job, vocally in this song.

5. You're Not In On The Joke
Gabe slow down! Singing way too fast. But the beat is nice and the guitar sounds so neat in the background. If I could mix songs, I would use the chorus for like a remix or a mash up or something. I like that they used the title in the song, cause they don't do that all the time. You can tell how hard they've worked on this album, which is really awesome. This is one of those songs you put in a mix to mix it up a little bit and make it less bland. Love the guitar and screaming part!! So different for Cobra to do! Then it gets quiet for a moment, ah that was genius.

6. Hot Mess
This song makes me feel sexy too. I really like this song. The lyrics are really creative and I feel like I'm at a club listening to it. I just wanna get up and dance to this song. The music could be a little louder and the lyrics not as overpowering, but I think that's what makes it sexy. This album is like a party mix waiting to be played. The beat is awesome, but it sounds like all synthesizers

7. Living In The Sky With Diamonds
I like the beat in this, cause I can hear the drums and guitar, which I couldn't hear in the last song. It's a mix between slow and fast, which is interesting. I like the play on words and the comparison to "Lucy in the sky with diamonds", very new for me at least. If the beat was just a little faster or harder, it could be a better party song. I wonder who they're describing in the song. And they say "keep dancing" but I don't feel like dancing to this song. I don't like Gabe's voice in this song, it's too high for me.

8. Wet Hot American Summer
Love the beat already in this song. I like what they did with guitar, very creative. Kinda sounds like Daft Punk a little though. The remix of this song is gonna be amazing and very awesome. It's ironic that this song is about summer, when today it's really overcast and gross outside. But I can't wait to hear the remix of this song. I like the shouting in the background, it makes me feel like I'm at a concert. The slow part is not my cup of tea and I think it would've been fine without it. Clapping in the background too gives me that concert feel too. Go keytar at the end!

9. The Scene Is Dead; Long Live The Scene
Boo! Slow song! I don't like Cobra's slow songs. When I think of Cobra, I think of a party and loud dance music. Again, Gabe is singing too high for me. The keytar is good too and the drums in the background are there.

10. Move Like You're Gonna Die
Ok, nice contrast against the last song. I can dance to this song too. The title really built something up for me, and it fulfilled it for me too. Dance parties all across these great states will be playing this song. Bobbing my head again. The slow parts give you like a small break and help build up the music as well, which is really nice. The drums are really good in the slow parts too. Who are those girls shouting? Nie guitar solo.

11. The World Will Never Do
Nice keyar part. Geez, another slow song. Really Cobra? What happened to my dance party? I was really hoping for like, a huge dance party after that second keytar part but it did not happen. Ok, the rapper is cool, but I want a dance party! Too many slow songs! This was a bad way to end the album, to be honest. There's nothing really more that I can say.

12. Good Girls Go Bad (MoAzza Remix)
Ok, my dance party is back! I like the different background music against the original vocals. And the abruptness of Gabe saying 'Them', it's really funky. Bobbing my head again. This makes me wanna lose control. Huge techno feel to it. I like that it's longer than the original, cause for me the original is waaayy too short for me. This song was a way better way to end the album. They should have kept it on the original album and not just for the Amazon Download.


OK, so overall, I thought it was a really good album. Some parts were way too slow for my taste, but then again, no one asks me before making an album. I can't wait to hear these songs either live or at a party or remixed on the radio. Good job guys!!



I'm in such a PlayRadioPlay! mood that it's not even funny. Only PRP! and Dashboard can help in get though this funk that I'm in, and I have no Dashboard. But Dan's lyrics are so beautiful and passionate. He's so real! I love it! And it's like he's writing these songs just for me, which is really neat. Like he's taken a little peak into my life and wrote down all the feelings that I can't describe and put them into beautiful songs.
Dan, you really have made this night so much better than it started out to be. =]


Vegan Cupcakes

I'm pretty much just writing this post to get rid of that picture of me at the bottom of the page where I have my gross stye and I just look gross. Well... Good news everyone... My stye.... is still here... =[ I told my mom to call the eye doctor so we could get it checked out. I really hope she did call.

Anyway, on to what this post is really about. I found my Vegan Cupcake book!!! (And a mysterious key) There is a recepie in here on how to make Chai Tea Latte Cupcakes, which I'm sure are so tasty. I plan on making them and telling you all how they came out =] There are a lot of really good ideas in that book such as Gluten free cupcakes and how to make vegan icing! Yummy!!
Oh, this is a picture of that key I found. I wonder where it goes to...

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