Why I Hate Airports

Ok, why is it now socially acceptable to take up 3 chairs when you’re at the airport? It’s so bizarre how society works now. Not only am I in the wrong gate, but I can’t even get on the internet. I wrote this on my Word document and now I’m just waiting for my flight to be called. It’s not for another hour and a half so I thought I’d rant for a little bit.

Looking around this gate, I see like, at least seven people on their cell phones. I thought people traveled to go and meet people, not talk at them on their cell phones. But right after I said that I got a text from James so who am I to talk? It’s almost disappointing knowing how important technology is to people now a days. For instance, my dad is talking very loudly on his cell phone, the two women in front of me are on their cell phones and the old man walking behind me has his cell phone. It’s crazy!!

My bike chain bracelet set off the alarm at security, which was kinda interesting. The guy was like; I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. So that was funny.IMG000155

^That’s the bracelet^

I might try and go sit by my gate soon just to see if I can. It just annoys me that there are these little kids who are sitting on the ground when the middle class business man has to have a seat for each of his cheap bags. Who knows what’s been on those floors! These are the people who will be leading our country in 30 years and we’re putting them on the floor. I guess that’s just what goes on now. But that just makes no sense to me. I thought people were supposed to be so kind and caring now, or maybe that’s just what I would like for the world to be like.

My mom just came up and I told her what I was writing about and she goes, “What’s not to like?” But I think there’s another flight that’s going to board from our gate soon which is good cause then I get to go sit down and not have my laptop be so far from me and the creepers that they let in the airport won’t be able to look over my shoulder.

The one good thing about this whole thing is that I got a rice krispy treat. =] And for it being airport food, it was pretty good. Now I only have an hour left, maybe I should try and do some homework, but that would mean that I was being productive. Oh, I guess I was wrong. It’s only like, 20 minutes until we board. But since I can’t get WiFi, it will seem like longer cause I won’t be able to post this for a real long time. Oh well. I’ll just post it at the hotel. Ok, well, we’re getting ready to board so I’ll post this when I get my hands on some WiFi!

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