If It Means A Lot To You

So, someone said I never update my blog so here I go.

School has been making me so busy lately and I hate it. I already got a cold sore cause of all the stress. It's so not cool. *sneeze* (And yes, I did type that as I sneezed) English is pretty much killing me right now cause of all the papers that I have to write. I have 3 due in the next week! It's kinda crazy...

Ok, as of right now I've sneezed 4 times. Wait...make that 5.

6 times I've sneezed now.

Ok, onto some happier news, I found out over the weekend (7) that Joe Meno is a creative writing professor at Columbia College Chicago, which is my school of choice. Like, if I could go anywhere to write, it would be Columbia. They have one of the best creative writing programs in the country. Each year, they keep coming in 1st place with their short story collection, The Hair Trigger. Beating all these Ivy League schools 19 years in a row. That's longer than I've been alive!! Anyway, Mr. Meno is my inspiration for my writing style. His book, Hairstyles of the Damned is my all time favorite book and I would die if I got to work with him. His writing is just so real and I can't get enough of it. =]

But I would have to get hecka's scholarships if I were to go there, so I'll be praying about that pretty much until I get in.

Lately, every night I've been talking to James, which is wonderful cause I love talking to him. We've been talking a lot about our future and it makes me so hopeful that one day we can be together outside of college. I completly adore him and can't wait to talk to him tonight.

And just for the record, Waking Ashland is really good. I was listening to them while writing this so go check them out!

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