Love2K - The Bailey Version

After reading Evan Taubenfeld's blog about love (Click HERE to read it), it got me thinking about the love I see in my own life.

Recently, love for us Wallace kids hasn't been working out. My brother and his wife of a year and a half got a divorice in May. He's now living with us along with is adorable dog, Sadie, who is also sitting on my bed with me. They were so in love and from the outside, it just looked like the perfect relationship. But in the end, it ended and now my brother drinks a lot more.

As for me...I was dumped over the phone the other night. Since when has that become an accetable way of ending a realtionship. Sure, I broke up with one of my exs over the phone, but then a week later I found out he had been cheating on me for 2 months. But just for the record, I only cried for about a minute before just getting really angry at technology. I want to go back to the time where the girl would check her mailbox everyday to see if she got a letter from a special someone. Getting rejected by technology sucks. And now with Twitter, I can see some relationships beging ended with an @reply.


I'm gonna try and not to think about it because I know that God loves me and right now, He is the only man I want in my life. He is never ever going to let me down and never ever going to stop loving me. =]

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