Ok, so my New Years Resolution this year is to live life. How am I going to do that you may ask? Easy. I made a list. I will try and do everything on this list this year. Lets see how this goes.

1. Dye my hair
2. Get a tattoo
3. Road trip somewhere (maybe Ohio or Florida)
4. Write more letters
5. De-clutter my closet/life
6. Sell merch for a band
7. Get a better job in college
8. Wear heels more often
9. Dance more
10. Buy flirty perfume and wear it
11. Play JJ more
12. Play at least one show with JJ
13. See more local shows
14. See more shows in general
15. Travel to see a band
16. Finish writing something
17. Get my lip pierced
18. Go skinny dipping
19. Cook for myself more often
20. Bake a cute boy a plate of cookies
21. Move out.

There you go. A list of 21 things to do this year.

Feel free to join me on my journey to live life =]

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