HOLY COW! It's been so long since I last updated.

Hmmmm What's happened since then?

My mom saw my 2nd tattoo.
I fell in love with Chicago (again).
Quit Starbucks.
Never cleaned my room.
Packed up my life into a stack of boxes.
Rode on the back of a motorcycle.
Cut off all my hair.
Went to Build-A-Bear and made Keroppi.
Lost weight (I think).
Almost wore out the bottom of my TOMS
Made a new BFF.
Didn't get tan.
Went to the top of the Arch.
Fed koi fish.
Had the most amazing sandwich ever.

Wow. Feels like I didn't do a whole bunch but at the same time, I feel worn out just looking at it.

I'll have more fun stories to post once I move in 2 days! AHHHHHHH!!!!

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