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When Steph and I first moved to the apartment we live in now, we needed a coffee shop. Yes, Wormhole Coffee was close, but sometimes we didn't want to trek all the way into Wicker Park just to get a cup of coffee. Lucky for us, Ipsento is close by. I walk by it every time I go to the train, so its really hard to not stop in every single morning. Their coffee is fantastic (and roasted in house). It's cozy and inviting. The baristas are nice and knowledgeable about what they are doing. They have a breakfast/lunch menu and everything is named after an author. Love it! My favorite is the Jane Austen. One of the downsides is that they're not open very late, only until 9, but it's a good meeting spot before you venture off into the night. Going in the mornings is my favorite, though. It's quiet and I can enjoy coffee and a bagel. It's really a great way to start my day.

When you go in, try the signature latte, the Ipsento (it's made with coconut milk and cayanne pepper!) and snag a spot by the window. It makes for great people watching! The Nutella latte is also a favorite. It's like you're drinking the tasty chocolate spread. Sooo yummy!

Ipsento's storefront. 

Lots of people come here to study. 

Dirty Chai and an almond croissant are a perfect midday snack.

Ipsento is at Armitage and Western in Bucktown. It's within walking distance of the Blue Line. 

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  1. Discovering those almond croissants might not have been the best thing...