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One of my favorite things about summer is being able to bike everywhere. It's great exercise and way fun. It can be kind of intimidating, though, when you ride with traffic. Everything happens so quickly and things can turn wrong very fast if you don't do things properly. So really, what I'm trying to tell you is to be safe! Please! Even if you don't bike, look out for us. We don't want to get hit. It's easy to forget to wear a helmet, but it's also easy to never forget to. Be the smart guy (or gal) and ALWAYS wear a helmet! No one cares how dorky you look. Plus, helmet hair can be super hot. 
New handlebars!

"We can change things if we want to, and it's time we did starting today"
My bike is so wise.
Always wear sunscreen! It can get super hot and getting a sun burn is no fun. This stuff is ALWAYS in my bag. It goes on easy and takes up minimal space in your bag. 30 or higher is ideal if you're gonna be in the sun for long amounts of time. I usually do 45 or higher (sometimes 80). If you have tattoos, make sure those are covered or have been protected by sunscreen. Nothing is worse than getting a tattoo touched up because you didn't put sunscreen on. 
Make sure your bike is locked up, proper, too. A U-Lock is choice, but others prefer cables. These blue bikes are always locked up like this at my Trader Joe's. It makes me smile. 
Hydration is also key. Nothing is worse then when you're dying of thirst and your water bottle is sitting on your counter at home. 

It's also a good idea to bring along a wrench and a flat kit. You never know when you may need to fix something while you're on your ride. 

But most important of all, remember to have fun. What's the point of doing anything if you're not enjoying it??

Stay safe, my friends. =]

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