Getting Out Of A Funk

So. If anyone has noticed. I've been in a funk. Blech. It sucks. I feel unmotivated and stuck. BUT! I'm working on it. For reals this time.

One thing I did? Visited LUSH and totally treated myself. Got a solid shampoo bar for my new short hair (which I love!) and a face mask. Also got some samples of other things that make my skin very very happy. I spent about an hour in there with these really lovely ladies and they helped me pick out everything that was perfect for me. Its amazing what a few new beauty items can do for ones routine.

Cooking something new each week is something else to try. This week, I made borscht. Oh man. If you have never tried it, please. Stop reading this right now and go do it. It will change your thoughts on beets forever. They are heavenly. I need to make this Chocolate Beet Cake from Joy the Baker now.  

Getting a new sweater (now that it's FINALLY starting to feel like fall) is on my to-do list. Even though it's a bad habit, retail therapy can help with a funk. So can cleaning out old clothes. Mocking me in the corner of my room is a HUGE bag of clothes that I need to sell/donate. Once that's gone and I have more room for things, life will seem a little more balanced. If you hear of any sales or anything for fall stuff, let me know. Cool? Cool.

So, yeah. That's how I do it. How do you guys get yourselves out of a funk?




    Miss you.

  2. I've always found rearranging the furniture therapeutic. Gives your settings that sense of renewal.

  3. When I'm in a funk, I like to have cake delivered to my apartment at 11 at night.