Fall Bucket List

If you know me in real life, you know I LOVE Joy the Baker and Shutterbean. These ladies inspire me everyday and I wish we were friends in real life. I did meet Joy in March, so I guess that kinda counts. But anyways, they have this podcast and mentioned a Fall Bucket List. And I thought. Yes. Yes, this is something I need to do. So here we go. List for improvements in my life for the Fall time!

1. Make Pumpkin Something -- Muffins, pancakes, pie. I don't know. I just want pumpkin everything!

2. Work on Fall Fashion -- Really into skinny jeans + sweater + combat boots + scarf right now, but I'd like to expand on it a little more.

3. Carve a Pumpkin -- Again. Pumpkin everything! And its an excuse to roast some seeds. Yummmm

4. Drink My Weight in Cider -- Fall is full of wonderful foods (and drinks). It's only Fall if you drink and eat tons of wonderful food.

5. Keep Biking (Even When It's Cold) -- I didn't bike hardly at all last Fall, and it's so amazing riding over crunching leaves. I really should do this more often.

6. Start A Podcast -- I've been wanting to do this for ages, so I think it's time I start one.

What are your Fall Bucket List items??

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