Wake Up Slow

I love Christmas. I honestly do. I don't like the whole, receiving thing though. I'm more of a giver, and if someone would rather donate money to a charity than buy me a Christmas present, I'm all for that.

Since I have 2 older brothers, I would like to think that I, too, have had to grow up with them. I've been told I'm extremely mature for my age, mostly by my co-workers. Let me clear that last bit up for you. Currently, I work at Starbucks and I'm the youngest person that works there. It's fun and I've met a lot of really neat people, and most of them can't believe that I'm only 16.

But anyway, back to the whole, No Gifts on Christmas thing. If I do ask for something for Christmas or my birthday, I try to make it really big. Example 1: Last year for Christmas, I asked for a acoustic guitar and nothing else. I got my acoustic guitar and nothing else from my parents. Example 2: For the past...3 birthdays, I've only asked for one thing and I haven't had a birthday party since the 7th grade. 8th grade, I went and saw RENT at the Fox Theatre with my mom. 9th grade, I saw Relient K with some of my friends. 10th grade, I went up to Chicago with my parents and saw Wicked. I'm not sad or bitter that I get only one present, I think it shows my maturity. But who knows, maybe I'm just a freak.

Like, I can't stand when people spend money on me. Like my boyfriend for example. I HATE when he pays for things like a movie ticket or something else that is useless and mundane. It frustrates me because I'm just as able to pay for myself if he didn't pay for me. IDK, maybe I am a freak.

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