Oh look, a blog update

Ok, so I leave for Colorado tomorrow around 5:30 AM. I’m so ready to be gone! I just wanna get out of here and stay with my brother for the rest of summer but I know that’s never ever gonna happen. Oh well. 

I really just want to sleep until it’s time to go, but then i’ll never sleep on that 20 hour bus ride, which is gonna be totally awesome btw. I have all this food that I got and cute Josh at Walgreens didn’t think I was a fatty for buying a bag of Cheetos, 2 cans of Pringles and a bag of Twizzlers. Go Walgreens staff! lol

I’m fer sure gonna go lay down though. I won’t be able to update anything for about a week, unless I can get cell phone service on top of a mountain, then I don’t think anything is gonna be updated while i’m gone. I will post pictures once this adventure is done. =]IMG000175

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