...In Shallow Seas We Sail

I'm listening to Emery's new album right now while packing for summer camp. I can't wait! I only wish I had a longer time to get ready for it. I've worked over 30 hours this week, so that's big money for me, but the fact that I've been having to wake up at like, 6 is kinda getting me down. On Saturday, I won't even have that luxery cause I have to wake up at 4 to be at work by 5. It's gonna suck. I have to do that two days in a row cause I get to leave at 5 for camp on Sunday.

I'm kinda glad that James isn't here this week. I would've had no time for him at all, which tottaly hurts, but at least I'll get to see him when I get back. I miss him so much. He is everything I could ever want in a boyfriend and I feel so lucky to have him. =]

My Glade candle is burning in the corner of my room and this album is sooo amazing. Go pick it up as soon as you're done reading this entry. =]

But all I have to say is...COLORADO HERE I COME!!!!!

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