Vegan Cupcakes

I'm pretty much just writing this post to get rid of that picture of me at the bottom of the page where I have my gross stye and I just look gross. Well... Good news everyone... My stye.... is still here... =[ I told my mom to call the eye doctor so we could get it checked out. I really hope she did call.

Anyway, on to what this post is really about. I found my Vegan Cupcake book!!! (And a mysterious key) There is a recepie in here on how to make Chai Tea Latte Cupcakes, which I'm sure are so tasty. I plan on making them and telling you all how they came out =] There are a lot of really good ideas in that book such as Gluten free cupcakes and how to make vegan icing! Yummy!!
Oh, this is a picture of that key I found. I wonder where it goes to...

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