Forget and Not Slow Down

Hey everyone! This is my review of Relient K's new album Forget and Not Slow Down! Again, it's like what I did with Hot Mess, I listened to the album and wrote down what I thought while the songs were playing! Enjoy =]

1. Forget and Not Slow Down - Really nice intro. I like Matt’s voice in this. Its way different than anything he’s done before. The guitar is a little loud, but I think it’s supposed to be that way. The piano could be a little later. LOVE this bass line! I like these lyrics. It’s like he’s talking to me and only me. I feel like dancing. The guitar is way more sophisticated than in their past albums. It’s like, he wants to keep going forward with their new sound and leave the past behind. This song is gonna be AMAZING live. The chorus is easy to pick up and it’s fun to sing.

2. I don’t need a soul- This piano is really awesome. Oh, nice way to add the guitar. Again, another song I can tell is gonna be really good live. I like the stuff going on in the background, but I think it takes away from the vocals a little more than it should. I like how the guitar will pause for a second while he’s singing or it’ll just go real quiet. I like this song a lot. I like the change in the tempo and the guitar changes. But I can’t tell if this song is about Jesus or a girl. Is that Adam from Owl City? I’ll look that up later. The only thing I don’t really like is that title, cause I thought they were a Christian band and he’s singing about not needing a soul.

3. Candlelight- I like the beginning. It reminds me of their old stuff a little. Like from Mmhmm or something. I could maybe swing dance to this song, but really slowly. I like the upbeatness of it. They mentioned sirens again…And what’s with all these songs about girls? Come on Matt! Love the Lady and The Tramp mention. I feel like dancing to this song too. This would be a really good song to put on a mix for someone you like. I’m liking this little instrumental part. The drums are really good in this song as well.

4. Candlelight (outro) - Why did you need a whole track for the outro? Couldn’t you have just put it at the end of the last track? But the little kid piano is a really nice touch.

5. Part of It - Nice bass line at the beginning. Potentially, this could be another good song live. I feel like the music in the background is taking away from the lyrics a little. Again, another song to put on a mix for someone you like. I do like the guitar parts though and the drums are a nice little touch too. I think this song has a nice message because it’s saying how we’re a part of everything. I like Matt’s voice with the single strum in the background. I love when songs have a part like that, then it gets loud again. LOVE IT! It kinda reminds me of the Almost in a way.
6. Outro - Again? What’s with the 1 minute outros? I don’t get it…They’ve never done this in any other album. I like the piano in it. I can’t tell which voice I should be focused on. I don’t know what that was at the end, but I liked it.

7. Therapy- Man, Matt has improved so much on the piano. The drums seem like they’ve gotten a lot better on this album too. This is one of those songs you listen to when it’s raining out, I think. I think if they had the right crowd, this would be a good song live. I like the positive mention of God. The guitar I think has gotten more sophisticated as well. There’s always like, one song that jumps out at me and I think this is that one song. =] LOVE IT!

8. Over It - Oh, Matt you’re voice is so amazing. I just want to hug you. I can just see them all sitting around playing this song. This song would be really good acoustic and I think I hear an acoustic guitar in the background. Punk Goes Acoustic 3? Maybe? This is another song to listen to while it’s raining or when it’s night. I like that Matt’s voice is more prominent in this song, cause in the other songs I feel like he was kinda put on the side. But since they’re using just a piano and acoustic guitar and maybe drums, it’s better for his voice to be heard. Oh man. LOVING the…sax I think it is….or maybe it’s a sting and the footsteps and door!

9. Sahara - OH MAN! LOVE this opening. Did not expect that at all!!! This would be amazing to hear live. You can tell they put a lot of work into this song. His voice sounds so raw and that guitar is just amazing. This totally reminds me of the heavier stuff in Five Score and Seven Years Ago. I like those vocals in the background. This song is way different than the other songs I’ve heard so far. Have I mentioned that guitar? This is such a different sound for them and I love it. Matt’s voice is just going above and beyond what I thought. Oh slow part with the fast guitar in the background. I like the God reference and the abrupt ending.

10. [Untitled]- Hmmmmmm…….this is total Relient K. Just random nonsense with an awesome guitar or whatever that is in the background.

11. Savannah - I want to know what that is! It sounds so awesome. I feel like I’m right there with them. I think this is their first song that’s named after a girl. It’s got a kind of African feel to it. I like the acoustic guitar that’s just like, yeah I’m here. This I think would be another good song done acoustic. Is that a Spanish guitar? Well, whatever it is, I like it. And this slow part kinda towards the end. This is just a happy song! I love it. Matt’s voice can be heard very well in this song too. I like the ending too. Nice and clean.

12. [Untitled]- I want to know what this is all about! I could put this on a mix for someone that I like, which would be awesome. It’s so cute =]

13. If You Believe Me - I like this intro. It’s like their going back to their old roots. And they just keep layering everything. That was a cool way to bring everything in. This song would be good live too. But why so many songs about girls? Huh Matt? Who’s singing with him? Cause if it’s not Matty T, then they have such power and emotion in their voice. But if it is him, he has gotten I don’t want to say better, but I like the new style. Oh, love the piano part. They are all so talented.

14. This Is The End (If You Want It) - The piano is just amazing. This is fer sure one of those albums that you have to listen to all the way though the first time because it’s just awesome. But I don’t want it to be the end… I like the upbeatness of this song too. The drums are really nice too as well as the guitars.

15. (If You Want It)- Whoa, the song changed. These boys are so talented. I like they’re mentioning the end of the album cause a lot of time people won’t do that, but it’s really cool that they’ve brought it up as a song. I don’t want it to be the end. You are worthwhile. This piano, my goodness. It’s so much better than what I’m used to from them. I love his voice. It’s gotten a lot better, I think anyways.

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