This is my review for Sherwood's new CD "Qu". Enjoy!!! =]

Shelter – I like how it starts out. It’s so different and awesome. I think it would be so weird with other instruments, but it works with just the piano. This would be a good opening song for a show.

Maybe This Time- Man, I forgot how good Sherwood is. These lyrics are really good. And the simplicity of the band is really cool cause you don’t have as much to focus on. His voice is so amazing and I think this song has a good message overall. This song has the potential I think to be really good live, but I haven’t seen Sherwood in a few years, so I’m not sure. But I think it would be really good acoustic. The synthesizer is really good in this song too. All I can picture is him dancing at their last show I saw.

Hit The Bottom – this vaguely reminds me of The Beatles. The drums are really good in this song. So is the acoustic guitar. I’d really like to get the sheet music for this song. This would be a good song live, I think it would have a really positive audience interaction. I like how in this whole album there have been parts where the music is really quiet and the vocals are really prominent, it’s really nice and are more like what I think a local band would do.

Make It Through- Again, I like how this song opens. It’s good that I’m listening to this with my big headphones cause I can get the full effect. This is most defiantly a headphone album. There would be so much I wouldn’t catch if I had done it though the speakers. His voice sounds really good in this song too, I think he sounds better next to an acoustic guitar rather than an electric one, but that’s just me. This album is way different than anything I’ve ever heard. Most songs or albums now are about love or breaking up and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it’s getting a little repeative for me. But here, it’s really subtle.

You Are- The synthesizer is really good in this song. Yeah, his voice does sound better next to an acoustic. I like how right after I said something about a love song, one comes on. But it’s a different type of love song, which is really cool. It’s more describing the person instead of saying oh I love you so much. The guitar solo is really nice too. Then the quiet drums right after. And I like how his voice seems kinda far off in that one part.

Ground Beneath My Feet- this kinda reminds me of Relient K because of the piano. His voice seems more somber and I can’t decide if I like that or not. I think it fits better with this song, but if he had done it for like, Make It Through, it would’ve been weird. Oh, never mind, it got really fast. Yeah, this sounds more like Sherwood. This also reminds me of A Day In The Life, but way more upbeat. Just how it starts off slow then gets faster. The guitar is really good in this song. I love how it’s just all their voices at that one part and nothing else. But to be honest, it is getting kinda old, but I think it’ll be better once I listen to it again.

Around You- Again, really glad I have my headphones. This intro is amazing. With all the different layers that are going on, it sounds so awesome. Sherwood would make a really good instrumental band as well I think. They can get really creative. This is maybe one of the best songs I’ve heard so far. It’s so interesting and all the different elements that are in it make it really special. The lyrics are really cute too. This is so something I would put on any mix CD for a friend or someone I like. Oh, I like the heavier guitar towards the end too. It’s nice cause it kinda breaks up what’s going on. This whole song was just really cute. Best so far.

What Are You Waiting For?- The drums at the beginning kinda startled me. I like the lyrics as well for this song. I can really relate to what he’s saying. The guitar sounds really good here too. The background vocals too are a nice touch as well. I can see this song being in a movie or something just kinda playing in the background. The bass line at the end is really good too. I like how it ended too.

Not Gonna Love- Oh, I love this song so far! The drums are awesome! The first thing you notice by far. The synthesizer sounds awesome too. Again, I can relate to the lyrics for this song too. I like how he repeats himself, it’s a nice touch. That little drum solo was kick butt! Same with the guitar solo. Sherwood has some of the best guitar solos. The bass line and the shouting are really nice too, something different and unexpected. This song is gonna be really good live, I can just tell.

Worn- I like this song too. I need the sheet music for it too. I love his voice with an acoustic guitar. I can just picture him playing it too, which is awesome. This is another good song live. Oh, who’s voice is that? It’s a nice touch to the song as well. Their voices sound so great together. This song is really cute too. This is a good song to listen to while it’s raining.

Free – this is a total 180 from the last song, but I like it. This would be a good trailer song for a movie I think. These lyrics are awesome as well. The music is really nice in this song. Not too loud during the singing, but the little twangs that happen in between are really unique. And I like that it’s heavier during the chorus, cause then you know that it’s an important part of the song. Oh and the piano part is really nice. It just abruptly changes, which is kinda cool. I like everything that’s happening in the last minute and a half of the song.

No Better – I like the intro to this song, again another song to listen to while it’s raining outside. I like his voice in this as well. It’s very descriptive, which you don’t really get a lot in songs. I so can relate to this song. Divorce or having parents that don’t love each other anymore sucks big time. This would be a good song for a breakup album. I just feel kinda numb listening to this song and I can’t tell if it’s a good thing or not. I do like the piano and guitar in this song though. I would really like to see a music video for this song. The outro is really nice too, it just adds to the song and I think it would be weird without it. I like how it just kinda ends, a nice way to end the album as well. =]

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