and i miss the way i fell i fell into your arms each day

My heart is in a bind
and it feels like only
Chris &
know what I'm going though.

But there is a void that
can't get filled
no matter how loud
the words play though
my speakers.
The words that speak
of heartbreak and
lost love
make everything seem
without him here.

It goes though the
verse and bridge
with emotion and
devotion in every
word of every line.
The story begins to
unfold now.
The girl never noticing the boy.
The boy not having the guts to say how he feels.
The boy missing the girl.

A chorus is where
the anger and pain
and love are poured
out into the open
and the moral of the story
is being shared.
The pure love that is
being shared with
such passion has every girl
going weak in the knees.

The song is on repeat and
the message is played over
and over
and over
and over
and suddenly
the void is being filled
and you fell less
lonely thanks to
Chris &

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