He sat in a diner eating a veggie burger and French fries covered in ketchup. The tattoos that covered his arms wasn’t what first got me looking. It wasn’t his goofy smile or the way he was in his 20’s and still went out to eat with his parents.
It was the canvas TOMS on his feet.
I had to meet him if only for a moment. To just let him know that there was someone else out there in the world that wore TOMS. Sending my friend to give him my number because I could not let this socially conscious person pass me by. Knowing that because he bought those shoes a child somewhere was wearing a pair made my heart swell.

She sat there staring at me. Her smile was adorable but I tried not to look at girls while eating out with my parents. But she was sweet and I really liked her shoes. Any girl who can pull off TOMS is a good one in my book.
But it was her friend that walked over.
My heart sank quickly but the piece of paper that was in her hand was from Cute TOMS Girl. A series of numbers awaited me upon opening it and I felt like I was on Cloud 9,000.

What was supposed to be mere flirtation turned into dinner the following night.
Which turned into exchanging e-mail addresses.
Which turned into nightly phone calls.
Which turned into missing him terribly while he was in Kenya.
Which turned into a trip to New York with him.

The diamond ring weighed my pocket down with its promise.
And her never ending smile,
which first made me notice her
established that what I was doing was

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