i'll spread out my wings and fly

So tomorrow is my final day of high school. Forever. I mean, unless I get bit by a vampire and have to move around all the time and stay in high school in order to keep up appearances...But I doubt I'll encounter any tonight.

The only way I feel sad about leaving South is thinking that as of tomorrow, I will no longer have a free education. I didn't really have a good "high school experience" I guess. I never skipped a class. I never went to any parties. I had average grades. All in all, I was a pretty good kid.

It's not that I wanna change it, more like see what else is out in the vast world that is before me. I want to drink good coffee while sitting outside people watching on the street writing down nonsense that no one else can understand. I want to wear bright red lipstick when it's raining outside. I want to watch the sunrise.

I want to live. And that's what I'll do.

Check back to see my progress!

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