Wolves (Act 1 and 2)

This is to anyone who's seen me lose it. To anyone I've ingored when they tell me to "calm down" and "take deep breaths". To everyone who says "it's gonna be over soon". This is to you.

I'm sorry I've acted so stressed out and frazzled. I feel terrible about it, I really do. Life right now makes my back hurt and my face break out (gross).

I promise, you'll only have to endure it for one more week. Just give me one more week and I'll go back to being carefree and happy.



  1. Why one more week? You graduate right?


  2. Yeah, but I just have this week and then I'm done with high school forever! All I really need to do is finish my Book of Life for Physc, which will happen tonight. Then my life will go back to normal...I hope...