Favorite Things #1

A lot of blogs I read do a "Favorite Things" segment of some-sort at least once a week. I thought this might be fun to try and do because I do tend to find a lot of really cute/fun things on the internets. So here goes nothing!

 1. Purple hair
Currently, I am in LOVE with Kaylah of The Dainty Squid's hair. Is this not the funnest thing you've ever seen??

2. Double Chocolate Indoor S'mores
One of my favorite bloggers, Joy The Baker, posted this earlier this week. My mouth STILL waters when I think about them. 

3. Bee Mine Earrings
Totally in love with these earrings from ModCloth! Maybe I'll treat myself to them after I move into my new apartment. 

4. Minimal Movie Posters
LOVE this movie poster from the Tumblr blog I was introduced to recently. Scott Pilgrim is a favorite of mine so I got quite excited to see this.

5. Pixie Haircuts
This intense heat here in Chicago just makes me want to cut off all my hair. Should I do a pixie like Carey Mulligan did? I think it's adorable!

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