Scranton Hot Dog from Scranton?

So, today I gave blood. And I was kinda expecting to just walk away from it like everyone else. After sitting there...well, more like lying there, I got up and started to walk over to the concession booth and I started seeing spots. The nurses were freaking out and telling me to sit down. But even when I sat down they were still freaking out. I couldn't really think or see straight and I got super dizzy and lightheaded. Honestly, I don't remember being taken over to the beds. But I felt a cold compress be put on my chest and forehead. The nurse asked me my name a few times before I answered and asked me some other basic questions. They kept my feet elevated for a bit and then they sat me up again and brought me a Pepsi. Then out of no where, this really cute male nurse came rushing over to me and laid me back down. He said I looked really green and wanted to make sure that I was ok. I had to lay down for a little while longer before they let me get up and leave. That Chex Mix was the best thing I have ever had. =]

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