Snow Storm

Ok, so all day long I've been reading the tweets from one of my favorite bands, This Providence while they've been trapped in their van in a snow storm. And as a way to, hopefully cheer them up, I wrote a poem about this experience.

Soft white cotton fluffs falling
slowly from the cloudy
sky has made you well,

Have no fear boys, for
help is on the way.
Hopefully. I'm with you in spirit
hovering over your van. Watching you
hull your way though the snow.

David and everyone else be glad
dawn is on it's way. Light will guide
disaster away. Andy, Gavin, David and
Dan will be well at the next
dance party.

I hope this cheers you up boys and melts the
ice that sticks to the roads. And that you're back
in the place where your words are sung.
Innocent songs are rejoiced at this place.
Into the wonderful wild crowd you'll be.

By now you must think this girl,
Bailey, is crazy,
but have no fear
because really she's harmless and will be your
beautiful rescue =]

Hope you like it everyone!! =]

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