Midnight Rain

Smoke curled around her lips while she exhaled into the dark night. Bringing the cigarette to her dry lips, she breathed in the sweet smoke letting it fill her lungs and watched as it left her body once again. Heaving a sigh, she set the smoldering stick on the tray and leaned against the brick wall behind her. She let the soft rain kiss her face oh so tenderly like her mother used to before drifting off to sleep as a child. Closing her eyes, she imagined she was back there, listening to the rain hit the window while her mother read her a story. A simpler time.

She picked up the cigarette again, taking a deeper breath than normal, as if to make that simple time come back. Breath after breath after breath she tried. But to no avail. Frustrated, she plunged the dead butt into the tray and pulled out another cigarette; cupping her hand over the end and lighting it. Maybe this one would have the answer, she thought. Gazing at the shattered glass that glittered the ground around her, she wondered how her life ended up like this. How she left her home that always smelled like apple pie.

She pulled out another cigarette and hoped this one would have the answer.

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  1. If only cigarettes could answer my questions.. everything would be so simple.