It's National Poetry Month!! So I'm trying to post/write as many poems as possible. I never really got into writing poetry until this semester when I had to write a ton for my creative writing class. Now, I want to get a minor in Poetry when I go to Columbia! =] So, here's a poem I wrote for my Pshyc class about being lonely.

I long for the sky to open up and
Engulf me into the openness.

It’s not like anyone would miss me.
I am heartbreakingly lonely
Not a soul knows I’m around
or cares for that matter.

Life is happening. The music still plays
And cars still drive on by. The sun rises
And the day begins.
But it all feels empty.
Like I’ve been invisible my whole life.

The clear plastic bottle taunts me
“Consume me,” it cries out
from the counter top.
I cave

The pills are a double edge sword
dulling the loneliness
and adding to the same.

I take one too many
And my loneliness is gone

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