Dish Hands

I have Dish Hands right now. Gross, wrinkly, dry dish hands. It is the result of doing a sink full of dishes for 20 whole minutes. Was it hard? Not really. Did it hurt? Only when the water got too hot. Did it take a lot of time? Well, only 20 minutes, but it flew by pretty quickly.

The point I'm trying to make here is that doing dishes is not hard. Having respect for others property is not hard. It just amazes me how people who want to be seen as adults can't even clean up after themselves and still expect their mother to come in and do everything for them.

Sorry for being so independent and being able to do things without my hand being held.

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  1. i love when my dishes are done, and kitchen is clean. i actually thoroughly enjoy doing dishes at the end of my day, and when i first moved out it was one of those "these are mine, and i will keep them nice, these are mine, and not someone else's dirty dishes, so i don't mind". good for you.