I want to bake a peach pie for you.

No really, I do. I'll get the peaches from the farmer's market a little way's from my new house even though the recipe I'm using says to used canned peaches (yuck). When no one is looking, I'll take a bite out of one, letting the juices drip slowly down my chin, landing on my shirt which will leave a stain for the rest of the day. The soft peach fuzz will send shivers down my spine while the hottest afternoon sun is high in the sky as I take another bite out of the candy like fruit. A cool summer breeze will blow through the open window, tickling the nape of my neck while I prepare the crumble for the top of the pie. While I would love to lounge all day in the sun with you, I have work to do and the grass tends to cut up my legs and make them itch.

Let me finish my pie, then we can go play. I promise. =]


  1. i would say "i will eat it your..." well, i can't say it. it just sounds so wrong. hahahahhahahah. <3 sounds delish tho.