Let Me Tell You...

What a great weekend I've had. Well, it's also been quite confusing. I blame the men that drift in and out of my life for this bit. Anyways, I finally feel settled in my little apartment. There are no longer any boxes just laying about, my fridge is slowly getting full of yummy foods. I'm even on my 2nd candle!

The other day, I blogged about how I was having awful anxiety about riding my bike. This past Friday was so beautiful and nice out that I couldn't not ride my bike to my friends house. He lives the perfect distance away for riding bikes to and from. So I did it. And it was amazing. Still not ready to venture onto the major streets by myself yet, but doing the side streets are just fine and dandy for me. I almost did get doored, but I think they saw me in time so no harm was done. =]

Now, it is gross and rainy outside. Good thing my apartment needs to be picked up! It's nice to be able to keep up a home and take care of it. I love it.

But it does get lonely sometimes.
But then I cuddle up on my couch and watch Merlin and it's all good.

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