The Storm

This storm is intoxicating as it rolls in through the West, pushing me towards my destination. My black dress flies up, showing off my white bike shorts while I walk down the street, but no one was there to see. The storm has caused everyone to retreat into their homes. Those who have chosen to keep outside, do so with caution, not wanting to stray too far away from a door way in case of a sudden downpour. Leaves rustle and rattle against the wind, off in the distance a car alarm is blaring, seeking attention against the coming storm. My pace quickens in my own silent fear of the storm. But even if I did get soaked while on my way to Wormhole, I was prepared. The bag I recently purchased was waterproof, I had an umbrella in said bag as well as an extra change of clothes. Being a nanny has its benefits I guess, it causes me to prepare for the unexpected things in life; a scrapped knee, a sudden storm, a hungry child, all remedies can be found in my bag. 

I turn the corner, away from the quiet residential streets and onto the more lively Milwaukee. More people bustle about, looking for shops or bars to step into while the rain falls. Only a young couple sits on the patio outside Wormhole. Almost as soon as I step inside, greeting familiar faces along the way, the clouds let loose and the skies erupt with heavy rain. The smell of the of the cool rain on the hot sidewalk is comforting in its own way as I sit for a bit and rest. 


  1. Bailey is brilliant! Although, while it is indeed summer, the imagery Bailey creates in my mind's eye is that of autumn.