Moving Day

Today, (almost) all by myself, I moved. I say almost because James is planning on helping me after he gets done with work. But seriously, I moved. Again. The third time in less than a year to be more exact. Of course, my new place would be on the third floor of a vintage building and I'd have to use the back entrance to move everything in, but hey, at least I have a place.

Currently in Chicago it is 84 degrees. That, plus moving heavy boxes for a few hours tend to overheat an individual. So that is why I'm sitting in Wormhole. That, and there is no A/C or WiFi in my apartment so I needed a place to type this as well as cool down for a spell.

That might be another reason why you all may not hear from me for a while, unless of course, I come to Wormhole to type a blog. Look out for a people watching post soon!!

Stay cool. It's important. Hydrate too! If you start to shake, sit down and get water! That is all. =]

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  1. i'm so glad you're getting all settled in love! cant wait to see pics of the new place and see it for myself when i come to visit!