Society has ruined the dating pool. Not only are you expected to say "I love you," on your first date, but the whole concept of the date has been abolished! Whatever happened to the guy courting the girl in order to gain her affection? It sickens me that both parties are subjected and thrown into this reality that is society today. Say if after like, a week you decide that you don't like the person anymore, you breakup with them and you move on to the next one. RELATIONSHIPS SHOULD NOT BE LIKE THAT!!! Who in the world decided that it should be like that in the first place? Some dumb 6th grader who wanted a boyfriend but liked 8 different boys? I think that is who decided it should be like that and that dumb 6th grader has messed it up for the rest of us! Maybe when I get older this will all be easier, but I'm not too sure. This could follow me though my whole adult life and then my children's outlook on relationships will be skewed because of society because no doubt some other dumb 6th grader is gonna think of another great idea for relationships. It's a never ending cycle that will follow everyone though this little phase called life.

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