I glanced up at him from under my eyelashes, this always gets them, and listened to him speak. His words flowed together like water down a stream. Taking a sip of my tea, I watched his lips mumble out words that wouldn’t normally intrigue a regular person.

I shivered and mumbled about being cold. Looking up at him, I saw him take off his jacket and hand it to me, still warm from being on his body. Thanking him, I donned his warn leather jacket and hugged it tight to my body. His only access of warmth smelled of his musky cologne and coffee beans. I hugged it tighter to my chest and watched his eyes take it off of me. Smiling to myself, we resumed our talk and kept walking down the strip. Most of the shops were closed, due to the weather, but it was still a nice place to walk. Dry leaves rustled at my feet as I looked up to smile at him.

His smile could melt ice. Mike’s pale pink lips curved upward revealing that I had broken though that barrier that he tried to keep up. He had just proved that he was capable of compassion just though that little curves of his lips. Those full pale pink lips that begged me to kiss them; to join my own red lips to his. They were taunting me with the known fact that I could never kiss him, that I could never become one with him.

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