Setting Goals

Today, I decided that I need to get my short story done by the end of the month and that it needs to have a title and everthing. That'll give me about a month to edit it and make sure it looks real good for the contest that I'm in. =]

I'm getting my hair cut today. I kinda wanna go back to when it was really short, but then I got to thinking that that would be too short. Not wanting to look like a boy, I think I'm just gonna get about an inch cut off and get my bangs trimmed. I really want straight bangs, but I'm not too sure that I could pull those off, so I might just get my side swept bangs.

My mom is gone this week so it's just me and my dad. It's pretty cool, I guess. We kinda just stay seperate but at the same time, we're close. I'm not too sure how to describe it, but it's comforting and I like it that way.

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