And I asked when

Right now as I type this, I'm sitting in my basement cause I'm scared that there is a torando warning in the area. Just to be safe, I decieded to go away from the party and sit down here where it is somewhat safe. It's kinda freaky, but what else am I supposed to do? Stand up there and play babysitter and listen to drunk adults laugh?
I just hope I can still go see Angels & Deamons tonight with James. I really hope the weather stops being so nasty so I can go.
Everyone is freaking out at work too cause our new shift, Matt, just quit, which is so lame cause he just started like, 2 weeks ago. Then Ben is being really mean to Jess even though she just got out of the hospital. I really dont' wanna go in tomorrow but I have to in order to help Jess out.
But I do get my hair cut tomorrow which is awesome! =] I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

Current Song: Confessions by City and Colour

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