its the moon the sun and the sky

I'm so ready to be done with school it's not even funny. But the only reason I want to be done is so I can see James because it feels like I haven't seen him in ages. Work is taking up a lot of my time too and hopefully I won't have to close a whole bunch over the summer so I can spend more time with him. It's...it's just hard now cause his family is in town and I know family has to come first before me but I just wanna go kidnap him so I can at least spend some time with him. He would never fly for that though.

On a lighter note, I don't have to go to school tomorrow and I don't have to work so that means I get to sleep in. =]

Song of the moment: Single Millionaires by Brighten

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  1. ok 1st. we need to talk asap!
    3rd. im listening to your amazing cd right now
    4th. idk why im putting periods after the sequence of numbers
    5th. *you cant wait till the summer cuz you wanna hang out with me!