I'm just chasing the wind

I don't really see the point in auditioning for plays anymore. Yes, I do miss the stage more than anything, but it's just really hard to walk into my acting class and having to learn from someone who didn't want you in their production. I see it as just a waste of my time to call me back when in the end, I'm not even choosen for the part. I waste so much time and energy worrying about if I made it or not and in the end, I don't. For the past 2 years, I've auditioned twice for the senior one acts, and 5 main stage productions. I've been in one show. I'm thinking about talking to Forrest or something to see if there is something wrong with me because I really do like acting, and I think if they were to see me potray someone who isn't easy on stage, they could see that I can be really good. We're doing 12th Night for our next production and auditions are in September. Hopefully some miricle will happen and I'll be cast for that. If not...My love of theatre may just stop in the seats and I'll never be able to be on stage again.

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