The Big Clean

So Thursday is when I start The Big Clean. Before June is over, I plan on having everything in my room taken out so I can paint the walls and rearrange somethings. Thursday is when everything starts. I'm going to try and get the list below this little rant done before next Thursday. Lets see how this goes =]

1. Sort through books and decide which ones to keep/not keep.
2. Same thing as 1 but with clothes.
3. Get all those random boxes out
4. Recycle the magazines that I don't read anymore.
5. Recycle all the random water bottles I know I'm going to find.
6. Get papers and random crap out of my vanity and get that organized.

I'll most likely add more to this list after Thursday cause I just need a bunch of stuff to get done so I can start to rearrange and organize my room.

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