This morning, I met with a personal trainer to discuss me joining the club. I was so excited to start becoming more proactive with my fitness...until I saw the price tag that was e-mailed to me later on. This is something I cannot afford. Tomorrow, I have to call and cancel and tell them that although I would love to be a part of what they have to offer, it's just not something I can do right now.

On the bright side, my fear of riding my bike has almost vanished. I went to Whole Foods this morning on my bike and had a really nice time. Didn't get hit or anything. =]

I need to start putting that into my everyday routine until it starts to just become second nature and I feel weird not grabbing my bike helmet as I walk out the door.

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  1. AWWW yeahh. personal trainers ARE expensive. thus i've never seen one. well, that, and i'd feel judged ever second i'd stand with one.