What I Wore: 6.16.2011

Blah. What an awful day today was. I mean, it started out pretty good at my favorite coffee shop. They take such good care of me there.

But this past week and a half, my laptop has been acting...well...odd. To say the least. It wasn't charging, and would randomly shut off when I was in the middle of things. My friends who are much much smarter than me told me that there was either a hardware problem or a battery problem with my laptop. After much frustration and lots of trips on the bus, I now have a new netbook. It's totally adorable.

Yesterday was much better. I spent the day with Dieter, the 7-year-old I watch. We went to my coffee shop, ran errands, baked cookies, played in the park and just had fun. He's a great kid and I love having that one on one time that I don't usually get. Anyways, this is what I wore.

Eww. Gross sponge in this picture.


Pale legs.

Sweater: Fred Flare
Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: Thrifted
Shoes: Converse
Cookies: Joy The Baker


  1. you are adorable! just sayin.

  2. don't hate on the pale legs!! and omg those cookies... i want to nom them... LOVE pic2, esp the lighting :)