Life In Pictures - January 11-17

Another installment of Life in Pictures! Enjoy!

A lovely dinner. Not quite sure what it was though...

Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies. I will put a recipe up soon. 

My front yardish area after it snowed! So pretty. 

Pretty green bike covered in snow.

Pretty lattes with friends. 

The cutest house ever. I want to live there. 

Super salty popcorn. It was fantastic.

The drainpipe outside the house I nanny at. COVERED in ice. 

The lights in my bedroom. It's magical. 

What are some of your favorite moments of the week?

1 comment:

  1. i love your bedroom lights!! and mmm i am uber jealous of the cookie dough. also, i wish i had snow at the holidays, and that the snow doesn't come. it's very love hate. i don't have a favorite moment of the week yet. though i've been dressed up for clinic a few days and have gotten a few compliments. weird, but nice i guess :)
    i'm glad to see your determination on blogging!! good work missy!!