I went to a potluck last night. It was awesome. I brought Dried Apircots with Basil Goat Cheese and Almonds.  They were a HUGE hit. Loved it. I may have made some this morning and ate them after church. No big deal. They're super tasty. And super easy to make. 

My dear friend Naomi of What Naomi Loves hosted it. It was way fun. It's so great getting together with friends before school starts. Isn't she the cutest? Her blog is pretty great too. You should check it out. 

Me and my roommate, Steph. Aren't we cute?

Potluck under way. That soup was sooo tasty. 
We played Mad Libs. It was fun. Some of them were dirty. Some of them were from books. All of them were super funny.

Me and Steph, again. 

Note. I didn't take any of these pictures. Expect for the one of Naomi. She took all the other ones. I wish I had a fancy camera like she does. Love that girl. So much. 

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