21 Before 21


Despite being 20 (it feels so weird to say that), I feel like I haven't done a lot with my life. So. Now. I have this list. 21 things to do before I turn 21. I have exactly 365 days to do this. Wish me luck!!

1. See the ocean
2. Bake French bread
3. Get a passport
4. Go skinny dipping
5. Learn to drive a stick shift
6. Do a photo series of bikes
7. Publish something
8. Get my fortune told
9. Climb a mountain
10. Make my blog look nicer
11. Watch the sun rise
12. Sew a dress
13. Minimize
14. Get more comfortable writing in French
15. Get an internship
16. Cycle in another city
17. Travel without my parents
18. Find the perfect red lipstick
19. Shave my head
20. Write in a journal from start to finish
21. Leave the country


  1. whoa! shave your head? whens that gonna happen??

  2. Dibs on 11 and 4 at LEAST lol