Books to Read :: The Immortal Class

Last semester, I wrote a paper about cycling in Chicago. It was mainly about how the city needs better urban planning in order to protect it's bikers. My professor told me to read The Immortal Class by Travis Culley. It's about bike messengers and Culley's time as one in the city. It appealed to me both as a writer and as a cyclist. Of course, I put it off and wrote my paper without it.

Skip ahead a few months later after I (finally) get a library card. I find this book in the library! I check it out and consume it like popcorn. Honestly, it was so hard putting it down. The language was incredible, and so honest. Culley writes with this anguish of his struggles of trying to get by being a cyclist, and the pains of overworking his body.

Cyclist or not, this is a must read. It's fast pace and brutal and kind of really wonderful. Please take the time to read this. You won't regret it. Promise. =]

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  1. just fyi... don't blame the urban planners, blame ildot... but the other thing is, it's not like there's anywhere you can widen the road to improve bike lines in most areas of the city. unless i'm thinking roads and you've got other things you think the city could improve to "protect the bikers"??